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Mar 28, 2013
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FIFA Referee Alan Mario Sant and FIFA Assistant Referee Mitchell Scerri have just completed their successful participation at the1ST COREDEVELOPMENT COURSE FOR REFEREES AND ASSISTANT REFEREES organised by UEFA at its headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.


The one week course was a mixture of theory and practice,and Alan Mario Sant and Mitchell Scerri formed part of a selective group of match officials from around Europe, possessing the talent for further advancement in their international career.  English Coaches Peter Jones and Philip Sharp were assigned to monitor the Maltese match officials’ potential and progress.


Dailyfitnesstrainingand practical exerciseswere held, covering areas such as early morning weight and body composition check, injury prevention, functional movement, running style, recovery training, offside exercises and additional assistant referee (AAR) exersices.


On the last day of the courseparticipants ranthe Yo-Yo Fitness Test. Mitchell Scerri was one of only two assistant referees out of 16 participants who obtained an ‘Excellent’ rating.


The programme was very intensive, with the main focus beingto develop further one’scareer and make the all-important steps from being a ‘normal’or a ‘good’ referee to an ‘excellent’referee.  Subjects covered included simulation, handball, advantage, teamwork, match preparation.  Informal discussions with coaches, and analysis of the weekend matches refereed by participants in groups and as a whole gathering were also held.


As part of the course, Alan Mario Sant and Mitchell Scerri were also appointed to officiate theSwiss League match, FC Montreux vs FC Lutry, under the watchful eyes of their two coaches Peter Jones and Philip Sharp, and UEFA Referees’ Committee member Kyros Vassaras.

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