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Jul 10, 2014
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photo credit - Dominic Aquilina
photo credit - Dominic Aquilina

  • photo credit - Dominic Aquilina
  • photo credit - Dominic Aquilina

Malta Football Association Chief Executive, Bjorn Vassallo, told a Press Conference today that the association has recently conducted a scientific study whereby the performances of football players underwent a thorough study aimed at analysing the physical and mental levels. This knowledge will help the association to develop a benchmark from which the statistics could be compared to other players’ statistics playing in professional football leagues.


The comprehensive study included the technical aspect, through observation,  interpretation, planning and preparation, all elements which will shed light on the performances of players in our top league. The study was presented on  video and sent to K-Sport, an Italian firm that specialises in this sector, having also been involved in similar work with other professional teams mainly clubs from the Serie A.


Vassallo said that the study was intended to collect detailed information on several technical and tactical aspects related to the performances of players during 12 Premier League matches played in early 2013. Emphasis will also be laid on the physical and mental condition of the 72 players assesed. MFA Technical Director, Robert Gatt, and Luca pagani, in charge of the players’ physical and athletic condition, were responsible for this study which was finalised in April 2014.


During the Press Conference the MFA’s Chief Executive, Bjorn Vassallo, also referred to the increase in the participating teams, which will now be 24 rather than 16, and a centralised marketing system as advocated by UEFA.


Mention was also made of a new FIFA calendar, the MOU signed in 2013 by UEFA and ECA, double-header fixtures and a new system of training for the national A team. In this respect, last week, the MFA held a meeting for MFA Premier League clubs.


Vassallo, then spoke about the change which took place in the National A Team technical staff after which he said that the qualifying group includes Italy and Croatia, two teams that are certain to be an attraction. The battle for second and third place should be an interesting affair due to the bigger chance of qualifying to the final event.


Reference was then made to the benefits which should incentivise the Maltese to attend the matches especially with the Goal Card Scheme which was so successful when it was first launched. More information would be accessible on and enqueries should be directed to [email protected]          

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