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The MFA Annual General Meeting - 2014
Jul 22, 2014
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photo credit - Dominic Aquilina
photo credit - Dominic Aquilina

The Annual General Meeting of the Malta Football Association was held today at the Grand Hotel Excelsior.


The meeting was attended by UEFA Representative Mr. Giancarlo Abete.


Amongst other items on the agenda were;

·        The approval of last year’s AGM Minutes

·        The approval of the Minutes of the EGM held on 3rd September 2013

·        The approval of the Minutes of the EGM held on 22nd April 2014

·        The approval of the Administrative Report for the year 2013-14

·        The approval of the Audited Accounts for the year 2013-14

·        Election of the Ordinary Members for the Executive Committee for the year 2014-15

·        Nomination of the External Auditors of the Association for the year 2014-15

·        Amendments to the Statute of the Association



Election of the Ordinary Members for the Executive Committee


From nominations received, it resulted that there was the need for only one election to take place and this was for the two Council members in representation of the Member Clubs


There were the following seven nominations for these two vacanices and each obtained the following total number of votes;

  • Mr. Stephen Abela   -       24
  • Mr. Michael Cutajar   -    37
  • Mr. Chirs Grech   -            19
  • Mr. Mauro Miceli   -         20
  • Mr. Joseph Sammut   -     70
  • Mr. Paul Spiteri   -             36
  • Mr. Johann Vela   -           15


Mr. Joe Sammut   and Mr. Michael Cutajar  were therefore elected to represent the Member Clubs in the Executive Committee of the association.


Therefore the MFA Executive Committee for the Year 2014-15 will be made up of the following members


Premier Division:-

  • Mr. Redeno Apap
  • Dr. Adrian Delia


First Division:-

  • Dr. Angelo Chetcuti
  • Mr. Paul Falzon


Second Division:-

  • Mr. Victor Cassar
  • Mr. Manuel Gauci


Third Division:-

  • Mr. Raymond Micallef
  • Mr. Paul Sammut


Member Clubs:-

  • Mr. Joe Sammut
  • Mr. Michael Cutajar


The Youth F.A.:-

  • Mr. Joe Micallef


The Gozo F.A.

  • Mr. Alvin Grech


The Member Associations:-

  • Mr. Lawrence Aquilina
  • Mr. Lino Bartolo



In the end there was a winding up message by the MFA President Mr. Norman Darmanin Demajo.

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