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“Now comes the time when we need to build a solid financial foundation” - Norman Darmanin Demajo (MFA President)
Jul 22, 2014
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photo credit - Dominic Aquilina
photo credit - Dominic Aquilina

Mr. Darmanin Demajo said that he looks at the  fourth year of his presidency as the close of a chapter – The importance for all clubs to have their own adequate infrastructural facilities.


“Now comes the time when we need to build a solid financial foundation. We are all sitting on a large footprint which in my opinion can be exploited for all to consolidate their financial situation” said the MFA President. “Football and Commerce cannot run separately” added Darmanin Demajo.


The MFA President also remarked that in his opinion  local football still has a long way to go on the aspect of football development. Better coaches at youth level are required.


A third aspect referred to by Darmanin Demajo is the strengthening of local competitions. Although not happy enough with the fact that clubs decided to keep the formula of points being deducted at the end of the second phase, but at least we started to reform our Premier League.


The president went on to say “We now need to think about going further ahead and think about introducing season tickets, matchday hospitality, sponsorships and other aspects that will bring back the crowds to the stadia”


We also have an idea for the new season to bring along an initiative for the formation of a committee which will tackle Football Social Responsibilities. “We want to show that football is in the forefront when it comes to fraternity with those in need” he concluded.

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