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New Website & Facebook Page for the Malta Football Association
Apr 30, 2012
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Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
Photo courtesy of Joe Borg

  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg
  • Photo courtesy of Joe Borg


30th April 2012.


The Malta Football Association is today glad to announce the launch of its New Official Website




For quite some time, it has been felt that although did offer potential, there was ample space for improvement and therefore the necessity to upgrade. This to raise our website  to a level which is more in line with today’s needs, and to include in it features which are more appealing to today’s visitor and that will open new openings to the MFA to engage with football fans and followers, as well as making it possible for the association to create opportunities for new revenue streams.


The MFA has various roles to play and is involved  in the organisation of a range of activitiesand it is therefore very important for its electronic portal to cater for these activities.


All the features included in the previous website have been kept and improved. However,MFA felt the need that it was time to;


  • Switch to a database driven website;
  • Improve on Search Engine Optimisation;
  • Give our visitors, access to more information about the various categories of our National Teams, and our Leagues and Competitions;
  • Make better use of the exclusive content that MFA owns;
  • Think about a dynamic website which offers opportunities of interactivity with our fans;
  • Think about features that would help us in expanding our customer base globally and getting to know better who our web clients are;
  • Come to terms with new marketing trends, including the eventual on-line ticket sales;
  • Enter into the world of Social Media;
  • Drive heavier traffic to our portal;
  • Maximise on the real potential.


In Untangled Media Limited, the MFA has found the people who were willing to do their utmost to come up with a tailor-made product, which fully complimented our brief.






The new website has;


o   More INFO now available

o   NEWLeagues, Competitions and National Teams modules

o   First Hand INFO on our competitions

o   FREE Subscription toEXCLUSIVE Content on the NEW FANZONE module

o   FREESubscription to our e-Newsletter

o   Wallpapers available for DOWNLOAD

o   Photo & Video GALLERIES

o   More exposure to our Sponsors & Partners

o   And SOON our On-Line Store


MFA envisages rapid growth on the popularity of our portal. A growth that should make the site  more sellable to those who seek to advertise over the web, and most importantly to become the Main WEB point of reference on the topic for football lovers, who are invited to visit our new site, browse through the content, subscribe and send in their comments on the available form in the Contact Us page.




The Malta Football Association Official Facebook Page



In parallel with the website the MFA has opened up its official Facebook Page


Malta Football Association - 1900


As stated in the Page welcome message by MFA President, Norman Darmanin Demajo, “Communication and dialogue are an important cornerstone in our Association’s relationship with our football loving public”. And yes, we sincerely believe that the MFA Facebook Page can be a success story and we invite the true lovers of “the beautiful game” to use this page to keep themselves updated and to provide MFA’s administration with their thoughts and viewpoints “In the utmost spirit of ‘Fair Play’ and ‘Respect’”


Nothing beneficial could ever be built on half truths, ambiguous words and false pretences. It is therefore being expressly stated that there will be no place for any comments or opinions which contain inappropriate phrases, or allude to any form of racism, violence or discriminatory opinion.


The idea behind the page is to keep our fans updated and for all football lovers to freely pass comments, opinions and suggestions on how to improve the local game.

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