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MFA Technical Centre - a pro-active hub
Feb 3, 2012
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The Malta Football Association through its technical centre at the Ta’ Qali Complex is constantly engaged in improving its services for the benefit of our footballers, especially the country’s representative teams. In recent years there has been an upsurge in the centre’s activity which is now under the direction of Robert Gatt. Coaches of different teams, the head of physical training, specialised coaches and other technical personnel are fully immersed in everyday activity which renders the centre a veritable pro-active hub.


It is imperative that members of the media are fully aware of what goes on behind the scenes at the technical centre and the adjacent training grounds. On Tuesday 31 January 2011 the open day for journalists was another opportunity for the press to gain a better and closer insight of the sterling work carried out at the refurbished premises of the centre at Ta’ Qali.


Robert Gatt, with the help of Mark Muscat, PR MFA Technical Centre & National Team, invited journalists for what turned out to be a highly informative meeting with the technical staff at the centre. The activity, held on an informal basis, was a very useful exercise in public relations. It helped the media personnel ask questions and exchange ideas about the day to day work being done at Ta’ Qali.


The session started with a warm-up session conducted by Robert Gatt, Luca Pagani, Head of Physical Training, Branco Nisevic, the U-17 and U-19 coach and Charles Sciberras, the goalkeepers’ coach. This was held at the synthetic pitch next to the gym.


Addressing the media, Robert Gat then gave a detailed insight on the current ongoing projects at the technical centre for all sectors including the nurseries. The demonstration of the video editing software and coaches data base software in the Match Analysis Lab helped the journalists appreciate the refined work through IT which is available for the coaches.


All this was done in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere which was further enhanced by a sumptuous meal for all the invitees and technical personnel.

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