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"I still thank all those that bad mouthed us" - Ghedin
Nov 18, 2014
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Photo: Paul Zammit Cutajar. - Pietro Ghedin with goalscorer Clayton Failla
Photo: Paul Zammit Cutajar. - Pietro Ghedin with goalscorer Clayton Failla

  • Photo: Paul Zammit Cutajar. - Pietro Ghedin with goalscorer Clayton Failla
  • Photo: Paul Zammit Cutajar. - Pietro Ghedin

After the draw in the Levski Sofia National Stadium against Bulgaria, Maltese national team coach Pietro Ghedin had the following to say at the press conference “It is a marvellous result and we are all happy. I have to thank all the players who performed really well today, the supporters who came here and applauded us and supported us. I still thank all those who bad mouthed us thinking that a defeat is like a win for us. Now a draw is like we lost maybe? I do not know now maybe it’s the other way round? I need to thank those who did not wish us well but on the other hand we love everyone. I am really happy for the youngsters we brought here with us, we had a lot of 1993’s all previously in the Under 21 and I am very proud of them even those who were in the bench, supporting the others on the pitch. I hope that the future of this national team is always going to be better. There is a fantastic group and we will continue working hard like we are doing.”


The match was already an uphill from the initial few minutes as Andrej Galabinov managed to put Bulgaria in front after just 6 minutes even though there was a doubt if the player was in an offside position or not. Galabinov could have made it two when he hit the post mid-way in the first half but Malta responded well with a Paul Fenech shot which was deflected to a corner. Just after that Roderick Briffa teamed up well with Andre Schembri and Zach Muscat to see his final pass hit the outstretched hand of a player in the Bulgarian box but the referee saw none of it.


By now Malta was threatening to score and with Schembri and a lively Jean Paul Farrugia keeping possession and helping the squad to move up and creating chances. The break duly came when Farrugia’s run inside the box was stopped briskly by a Bulgarian defender and the referee did not hesitate to award the penalty aided by the assistant referee behind goal.


Clayton Failla stepped up to be counted and as he had said the day before in the press conference, “we are not afraid” and blasted the ball inside the net.


Bulgarian coach Penev changed the game and strategy with two substitutions and immediately saw Andrew Hogg stopping the opponent from regaining the lead. This Bulgarian momentum resulted in a penalty but captain Popov blasted the ball over the bar.


The Bulgarian frantic shots and last minute chances were duly controlled by the Maltese defence which was not going to let down its guard and would take home a point from this away match.

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