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Parents Course by the MFA Technical Centre
Nov 20, 2014
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Photos: Joe Borg
Photos: Joe Borg

  • Photos: Joe Borg

The intention of the MFA is to broaden its football education to all the stakeholders.  As coaches and players are more educated about the game, the parent needs to be part of this strategy and be a positive partner in their son’s daughter’s development. 


As parents have a very strong influence on their children, they need to be sustaining further development and not stifling their growth. These competences will generate a more educated parent who in turn allows the child to develop in a more stable environment. 


The parent is a key stakeholder in the process of developing players.  When the club, coach, player and parent work together, then it is more likely that the potential of the individual is maximised.  For this reason a course that deals with the role of the parent in football was devised to help the parent support his / her child to maximise the years spent in football.


The aim of the Football Parent which is held for the first time is to give the required competences to parents to fulfil their role in the best possible way.  The course has a duration of 16 hours and it includes lectures and workshops.

The course is delivered by experts in their respective fields who sustain how better parenting can facilitate player development.  And the informed parent who knows more about nutrition, child development, long-term player development, safeguarding children, how to deal with scouts, what to expect from the training session and the development programme is more prepared to support his / her child throughout the process.


Parents who are attending this course are now perceiving their role and the game in a different light and feel more competent in helping their aspiring footballers to fulfil their dreams.

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