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Seminar at the MFA Technical Centre
Nov 25, 2014
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Photos: Domenic Aquilina
Photos: Domenic Aquilina

  • Photos: Domenic Aquilina

A seminar was recently organised by the MFA Technical Centre, to discuss the outcome of a Pilot Study which was conducted was conducted by the association’s Technical Centre in conjunction with K Sport, a well-known Italian firm which analyses games from the Italian Serie A and from other top European and South American leagues. This Pilot Study was financed by the Malta Football Association.


The seminar was opened by president Norman Darmanin Demajo, and focused on a pilot study of 12 Maltese Premier League matches during season 2013-14. Technical dDirector Robert Gatt gave a presentation which dealt with the technical and tactical analysis and data, whilst National team trainer, Luca Pagani, followed with a physical analysis and related information on the physical data obtained from the study.


Present was national team head coach Pietro Ghedin and several technical personnel who are attached with local premier league clubs.


The event did not fail to attract a great deal of interest and interaction from a handsome number of participants who appreciated the in-depth study on the technical, tactical and physical aspects of the games under review.


The analysis showed no fewer than 202 outfield players in 17 technical and tactical parameters, covering all tactical positions. The physical overview included a study of 72 players.


All the data and statistics were eventually published in a book which was presented to the premier teams coaches for forwarding to their respective clubs.


The information and data coming out from this pilot study is a good tool that should help all the technical staff who are engaged with Malta’s top clubs to improve the level of our country’s football teams.


At the end of the activity the participants expressed their wish that similar information should be made available to them in the future.

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