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Seminar for the nursery Head Coaches
Dec 23, 2014
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On Tuesday 16th December 2014, the MFA Technical Centre organised a seminar for all nursery Head Coaches.


The topic was Fundamental Movements in Football. The seminar was opened by Mr. Robert Gatt who emphasized the importance of having uniformity and detailed training all throughout theyouthdevelopmentperiod.


The main speaker, Luca Pagani, presented the topic as a copy of a DVD of exercises devised without the ball for children between the ages 8 to 12 yearswas given to each club. 


Stephen Grima also intervened in the event as he asked all head coaches to complete a questionnaire about technical issues in youth development.


The seminar wasvery wellattended and nearly all nurseries were present. The success of this activity encourages the Technical Centre to continue developing the LTPD aspect  (Long Term Player Development) for the benfit of our future players.

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