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Schools Futsal Festival Kicks Off
Jan 16, 2015
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Photos: Joe Borg
Photos: Joe Borg

  • Photos: Joe Borg

The Malta Football Association through its Grassroots, Youth Development & Education section within the Technical Centre in collaboration with the Sports Promotion Unit within the Kunsill Malti g─žall-Isport, is again holding the annual Futsal Festival. This year, the Futsal Malta Association is also actively participating in the organisation of this Festival. This event, held is a much awaited and attractive fun festival held annually for schools in Malta and Gozo.  Its popularity among youngsters has grown in the last years as attested by the participation of hundreds of schoolchildren, boys and girls. 

The great success of previous annual school Futsal festivals was again much in evidence as phase two of the event kicked off this week on the 12th of January at the Cottonera Sports Complex. This event is running until Friday the 23rd of January.


This annual festival organised under the auspices of the Grassroots Department of the MFA Technical Centre in collaboration with the Sports Promotion Unit within the Kunsill Malti Ghall-Isport (KMS-SPU) comprises 1000

children representing 60 schools from different parts of the island.


Following the first phase where teachers selected the team to represent each school, this phase sees schools under the same college playing against each other. The PE teachers are now selecting the elite players from among the teams who took part in this penultimate phase to represent the college team in the final phase.


Throughout the festival the cheering and the joyful expressions on the children’s faces should attest to its popularity! The young participants will also be happy to receive the bags which will be presented to them on such an occasion and as a memento of their participation. The referees, as ever, will be thoroughly committed in educating the youngsters on the rules of the game and imbue in them a sense of fair play. It was good to see the introduction of female MFA Futsal Referee Esther Schembri forming part of the sound match officials team during the opening days of the festival.


The MFA Technical Centre is pleased to yet again collaborate with the KMS-SPU in order to give a wonderful experience to the children and introduce Futsal in an indoor environment for schools. The MFA technical staff are

present throughout the Festival and are able to assess the potential of several young participants.


The MFA would again like to express its satisfaction and thank all sponsors of the festival for their material assistance, which help to make the second phase of the event a big success.  The main sponsors are TeamSport and GSD Marketing Ltd.. Teamsport will assist the MFA in distributing sports equipment to schools, as well as donating all children a newly-designed bag whilst the other sponsors GSD Marketing Ltd., will be providing Kristal water to all the participants.


The MFA also wishes to thank KMS-SPU, all the participants from several schools, organisers and sponsors for making the event yet again an unqualified success.


Phase Three will be held between Monday 13th April and Tuesday 21st April at the Cottonera Sports Complex.



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