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"I feel we are more or less at the same level of Azerbaijan" - Ghedin
Mar 27, 2015
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Pietro Ghedin: Photo - Paul Zammit Cutajar
Pietro Ghedin: Photo - Paul Zammit Cutajar

  • Pietro Ghedin: Photo - Paul Zammit Cutajar
  • Jean Paul Farrugia: Photo - Paul Zammit Cutajar

Pietro Ghedin, Malta National Coach gave his Match Day -1 comments this morning at a Press Conference organised just before the second session of training in Baku.


Ghedin remarked that “we are preparing for this match very well, we have some small problems with some players and we are doing our best to recover them for tomorrow’s match. We played in Georgia with great admiration from my part as the squad did relatively well, but we lost heavily with a score that we did not merit. We feel fairly confident to tomorrow’s match and in this sense I hope that we will recover everyone in time. If you cannot play two matches in three or four days you have to stop playing football. You have to have the force to play and to fight and the personal responsibility and one must realize that football has now days reached very high levels therefore if you are up to it you can play otherwise stay at home.”


The coach went on to say “for us every match is important, even the friendly matches because they give more courage, spirit, and credibility to everyone who is involved. It is clear that tomorrow it will be a match between us and them and I feel we are more or less at the same level, I think, even though the UEFA ranking says otherwise. We are confident that we can be nearly at par with them.”


Jean Paul Farrugia said that “there is a lot of positive energy in the team. Coming from a draw from Bulgaria the team has a high morale. When it comes to tactical play we are working very much together, working as a team to try and get a positive result. The coach is doing a very good job in getting us together, being disciplined throughout the whole ninety minutes and I am looking forward for tomorrow to hopefully get some more points that I think we really deserve.”


Steve Borg said “I am looking forward more to play and get a result than to play again after my suspension. I strongly feel we can get a positive result from this match. The fact that we are so much smaller than they are as a country and that we have a point whilst they do not will push them to get out there to win at all cost. So I am foreseeing a difficult match for us, with a high tempo but we are prepared for that.”

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