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FIFA Live Your Goals MFA Open Day
May 2, 2015
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Photos: Domenic Aquilina
Photos: Domenic Aquilina

  • Photos: Domenic Aquilina


On the 30th of April, the MFA organised another open day for girls’ as part of the FIFA campaign, ‘Live Your Goals’.


This time, the MFA held this event for schools in order to share this day with a larger number of girls who are not yet familiar with football. It was a successful event as 200 girls participated in this activity which was held at the MFA training grounds. The aim was to attract more girls towards the game of football. 


Girls from five schools participated, with their enthusiasm reaching high levels. The schools were San Anton School, Paola Primary A, Paola Primary B, St. Catherine’s School and St. Joan Antide.


The girls participated in various types of fun games related to football, assisted by some of our women’s national team’s players, national team coaches and staff members of the MFA Women’s Department, club coaches and new club coaches who are currently undergoing their CYF Scholarship, as well as coaches from the KMS-SPU who also offered their assistance during this open day.


Their  help was beneficial for the youngsters as they enjoyed their activities throughout the morning, tasting a small part of what they can find if they decide to pursue a football career. It couldn’t help be noted how much fun the young participants were having in this open day, with the national team players also very much in demand to give their autographs to the young girls!


The first ‘Live Your Goal’s Open Day was held back in December where many other girls had participated in such games. This event is essential for local women’s football as it gives more exposure to this initiative among the children who form part of tomorrow’s generation and hopefully they can be part of this relatively young movement.


‘Live Your Goals’ fortnightly festivals are also held by the MFA for girls in club teams aged 5 to 11 to widen the area of participation among the younger generation.


As a result, in season 2014-2015 the association is taking another step towards the further development of the game. The MFA’s vision and plans for the next four years are now that of assisting the clubs further and increase the number of qualified women’s coaches and also young girls at grassroots level.


This campaign is organised by the association under the auspices of FIFA.


Expressions of thanks are extended to FIFA for their support for the MFA’s initiatives in their mission to increase girls at the grassroots levels.

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