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An ambitious journey towards Sweden.
May 21, 2015
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Photos: Domenic Aquilina
Photos: Domenic Aquilina

  • Photos: Domenic Aquilina


Gianluca Lia


While many players will be hitting the beaches this summer to put their feet up after a long hard season, international players Ylenia Carabott and Jade Flask will pursue their football career in Sweden in an experience which will help them in both on-field and off-field characteristics.  Both Carabott and Flask will be wearing the colours of 3rd division club, Ange IF from mid-May until the last weeks of September before returning to Malta to resume their commitments with their respective clubs.  While this will be the second time that Ange IF will welcome Ylenia Carabott in their squad, this will be a first time for Jade Flask who wants to leave a good impression abroad hoping for bigger opportunities in the near future.  They shared their thoughts with MFA about their journey in Sweden including their ambitious plans while chasing their dream.


Ylenia Carabott:


1 - How do you judge your season?

It was a season of 2 halves because despite having topped the leading goal-scorer table, I suffered from few minor injuries which disrupted my consistency. At the end of the day though, it was a memorable because following our super experience in the UEFA Champions League, we managed to achieve the domestic treble following our successes in the Women's Super Cup, BOV Women's League and Women's K/O.

2 – Tell us about your first experience in Sweden

It was a very helpful experience because it helped me to develop both my footballing skills and my character. I had the opportunity to go for a second spell but I prioritised school over football but thank god I got another opportunity and I will do my best to make the most of it.

3 – What are you aims in Sweden?

My aims are helping Ange IF clinch promotion for the second division as last year they failed to do so just for one point.


 4 – How can Swedish football help you in developing your football?

It can help me grow and become more mature in football. Moreover, living alone without your family helps you to diffuse yourself into new cultures while experiencing new adventures which identify who you are.





Jade Flask:


1 - How do you judge your season?

I am satisfied with what I have produced this season in which I have also felt more mature in my game.  Maybe not the biggest achievements a player can win, but I am very glad that this year I managed also to win the player of the month back in October.


2 – Describe your feelings in going to play abroad for the first time ever.

It has always been my dream to pursue a football career abroad.  When the train of opportunities passes in front of you, you cannot refuse to ride and that is exactly what I have done.  Not the easiest of decisions but I have no regrets in having decided this way and I have already set my mind in Sweden.


3 – What aims have you set for Sweden?

I have not set any particular aims at the moment.  My only thoughts are to enjoy my football there and to improve my game, then what will come afterwards that it is not up to me.


4 – Are there any particular characteristics which you aim to improve there?

Well, having headers and the game vision as some of my most valuable features I aim to expose them in Sweden.  Maybe a characteristic which I aim to improve is the Swedish language? (laughs).

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