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MFA Academy Category 2000 win a Triangular Tournament in Padova
May 27, 2015
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MFA Category 2000 NT today won a Triangular Tournament in Padova after beating Laguna Venezia 2 -1 with both goals being scored by Mark Desira in the 33 & 35 minute. Before this match the boys drew 0-0 against ASC Calcio Don Bosco to win the tournament on 4pts.


The team formation for 1st match was R. Al-tuni,Z.Grech, A.Thake, D.Debono, N.Farrugia, M.Grima, A.Spiteri, A.Attard,M.Aquilina, L.Formosa, S. Mallia.


In the 2nd match the formation read; R. Al-tuni ( D.Formosa), D. Cassar, D.Debono, M. Zarb, M.Desira, M.Aquilina, K.Bonello, L.Bugeja, C.Camilleri, R.Camilleri,K.Mifsud.


The team will be playing another two friendly matches tomorrow and on Thursday against local clubs. This is the first time this team is playing against foreign teams.

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