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Jun 15, 2015
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The Malta Football Association’s 2015-2016 calendar for all competitions under its aegis has been announced. Competitions are due to start on Wednesday 12, August 2015 with the Super Cup Final and end on Saturday 14, May with the FA Trophy Final.


In between there is a plethora of competitions across the whole spectrum of championship and knock-out matches.


The significant dates for the Premier Division are 21 August when the top Maltese championship starts its first phase with two rounds. This comes to an end on 14 February after which another last round will comence on 20 February. The championship will be decided on 30 April. The First Division commences on Friday 11, September. The other lower divisions kick-off in the weekend ending Sunday 20, September. 


In between, other domestic league and knock-out matches will be played both for males and females with the 78th edition of the FA Trophy competition starting in September with the first round and continuing throughout the season with subsequent rounds. The final is set for Saturday 14, May 2016. 


The whole shedule is as follows:  




August 2015


Wed 12-Aug

BOV Super Cup Final 

Wed 19-Aug

Youth Leagues  - Sections A & B Commence

Fri 21-Aug

BOV Premier League Commences

Mon 24-Aug

Youth League - Sections  C & D & E Commence


September 2015


Fri 11-Sep

BOV First Division League Commences

11/12/13 Sep

FA Trophy - First Round Commences

Fri 18-Sep

BOV Second Division League Commences

Sat 19-Sep

BOV Third Division League Commences

Tue 29-Sep

Women’s  Super Cup Final 


October 2015


Tue 06-Oct

BOV Women's Leagues Commence

23/24/25 Oct

FA Trophy - Second Round


November 2015


09/10/11/12 Nov

Youth KO Competition - First Round


December 2015


28/29 Nov - 1/2 Dec - 15/16 Dec

FA Trophy - Third Round

07/08/09/10 Dec

Youth KO Competition - Second Round

Tue 15-Dec

Women's KO Competition - First Round


January 2016


19/20 Jan

FA Trophy - Fourth Round


February 2016


01/02/03/04 Feb

Youth KO Competition - Third Round

Sun 14-Feb

BOV Premier League - Conclusion of First Phase (Rounds 1 & 2)

Sat 20-Feb

BOV Premier League - Commencement of Second Phase (Round 3)


March 2016


Tue 01-Mar

Women's KO Competition - QF

02/03 Mar

Youth KO Competition - QF


April 2016


Thu 07-Apr

 Youth Leagues Conclude

12/13 Apr

Youth KO Competition - SF

Tue 19-Apr

BOV Women's Leagues Conclude

19/20 Apr

FA Trophy - QF

Sat 23-Apr

BOV Second Division League Concludes

Sun 24-Apr

BOV First Division League Concludes

Sun 24-Apr

BOV Third Division League Concludes

25/26 Apr

Women's KO Competition - SF

Wed 27-Apr

Youth KO Competition Final

Sat 30-Apr

BOV Premier League Concludes


May 2016


Thu 05-May

Women's KO Competition Final

07/08 May

FA Trophy - SF

Sat 14-May

FA Trophy Final 

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