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Reform in Continuous Professional Development for Licensing Purposes
Jun 16, 2015
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The Malta Football AssociationTechnical Centre has recently organised a course for Coach Educators.  These coach educators will be working under the guidance of the MFAand will be in charge of organising Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for licence purposes.  While other informal instructional meetingsare encouraged and may still be organised by the respective clubs, only approved CPD’s by the Technical Centre will be valid for licensing purposes.


Instructional meetings will be organised in each of the following categories and the licensed coach needs to attend a 3-hour CPD in the specific area of his license and / or age group that he is currently coaching.


Frequency of CPD’s per year

The following CPD’s will be held to cater for the number of coaches in the relative categoriesand the following 22 CPD’s will be entirely subsidised by the MFA.


Number of instructional meetings held per year


U5– U/8



U/9 – U/12



U/13 +






1st & Premier Division













A list of CPD’s with the relative tutor, the course number, the date and the venue of the CPD will be published by mid-September on the MFA website.  Coaches need to apply for 3 CPD’s in order of preference and they will be directed to attend a particular CPD.  Places will be filled in order of forms received and so the earlier the application is sent, the more likely that the list of preferences is satisfied.


CPD’s will not exceed 50 candidates and a non-registered candidate will not be allowed to sign.  The same holds for candidates who miss more than 15minutes of the particular CPD. 


Registration for CPD’s

This is held in 2 ways:

i)                    For coaches who are actively involved in the youth sector up to and including U/17:

They need to book through their respective head coach on a form which will be used on purpose.

ii)                   Coaches who are coaching older age groups, goalkeepers, fitness, women or inactive coaches:

They need to apply at the TC by sending a mail to Ms Mary Micallef on [email protected] stating the age group they are coaching and the instructional meeting they would like to attend. 


Upon receiving approval from the Technical Centre, the candidate will just need to turn up on the date and venue indicated.  Coaches who do not show up for a booked CPD will not be admitted automatically in other instructional meetings. 


Coaches who are currently coaching Premier and 1st Division may not apply but an invitation will be sent personally to such coaches when a meeting is purposefully organised for them at the Technical Centre.


Further CPD’s totalling to a minimum of 2 hours will be held by courses which are organised by the respective clubs through the same licensed coach educators.  The topic and content will need to be approved by the Technical Centre.  The relative expense for such CPD’s will be borne by the club organising the event.  The list of the 21 licensed coach educators is listed below:


List of coaches

13 +





Attard Wayne

Bugeja Herman

Bartolo Ludvic

Sciberras Charles

Brincat Pierre

Grima Stefano

Camilleri Edwin

Buttigieg Mark A


Gatt Mark

Mansueto Josef

Chetcuti Claude




Pullicino Peter

Costantino Ken




Turner Noel

Grima Godfrey




Vella Silvio

Marlow Mark




Zarb C Neil

Vella Ronald




Grima Stephen





CLICK HERE to download the application form for instructional meetings

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