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MFA's reply about last Sunday's Times of Malta article
Jul 14, 2015
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The Malta Football Association makes reference to the article entitled ‘China link to Malta’s match-fix gamblers’, featured on the front-page of The Sunday Times of Malta, and notices the gravity of the allegations contained therein.


However, the MFA cannot understand why the ‘ex-president of a Premier League club’ preferred to divulge ‘knowledge’ of a criminal ring surrounding Maltese football to the media, rather than adhere to his obligations under the Prevention of Corruption (Players) Act and report such knowledge of criminal activities to the police, as he is bound to do by law.


Moreover, the MFA, whilst appreciating the Sunday Times of Malta’s duty to report current affairs, hopes that this article was published following a thorough research of the facts, and not just on allegations and assumptions of a single person.


The MFA believes that this “ex-president’s” chosen course of action does no good to the fight against match-fixing and has merely caused unwarranted harm to Maltese football. This is something the MFA just cannot accept.


Therefore, whilst reiterating its commitment in the fight against any form of manipulation of football matches, the MFA once again invites the ‘ex-president’ mentioned in the article, and also the Sunday Times of Malta, to help the MFA and the police in the fight against the manipulation of Maltese football and pass on any information related to this subject to the police, so that any form of criminal activity that may find itself in Maltese football can be defeated once and for all.








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