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MALTA vs CROATIA - Last Minute Match Organisation Info
Oct 13, 2015
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In view of tonight's Group H European Qualifier between Malta and Croatia the Matla Football Association is releaasing the below information.

Important Notes.            


·        Tickets for this match will today be available for West C Stand and for Millennium D and F Stands. The North and South Stands will not be opened for this match.


·        For this reason the Stadium Ticket Booths at the respective West C, Millennium D and Millennium F stands will be open from 18:45hrs onwards.


·        A Ticket Information Booth will be open at West A.


·        Ticket prices for this match are as follows;





West C Stand

Millennium Stand





€ 15

€ 8













West C Stand

Millennium Stand






€ 5







·        As a security measure being taken FOR THIS MATCH ONLY local fans can buy tickets for the MLT-CRO match as per the normal procedure. ALL Foreigners (Except for Croatian Fans) however,  can only buy personalised tickets and will need to present a means of identification for each and every ticket they wish to buy, and for any of the above mentioned Stadium Stands .Any foreigners who have already bought tickets for this match are also kindly asked to present a means of identification , if requested, upon their arrival at the stadium.


·        Following an agreement reached between the Malta Football Association, the Croatian Football Federation and UEFA, Croatian citizens will not be allowed to buy tickets for this match.


·        Due to the security measures being applied for this match, All fans who are interested in attending  are being urged to ARRIVE EARLY AT THE STADIUM


·        All Sectors in the West Stand will be on allocated seating, However, seating in all other areas of the stadium will be on a free seating basis;


·        There will also be a limited number of spaces at Millennium Stand D and F for persons confined to a wheelchair. Such persons will be admitted into the stadium Free of Charge (upon prior request and on a first come first served Basis). These persons will however need to be accompanied by another assisting person who needs to be in possession of a match ticket bought at the standard rates; Such requests should be sent to [email protected]


·        EURO GOAL CARD holders  - ALL Goal Card holders will be allowed access into the stadium upon presentation of their personal Goal Card. – Holders of a West C Stand Goal Card will be allowed access to their reserved seat at West C  -  Holders of both a Millennium D Stand Goal Card and/or a South Stand Goal Card will be allowed access to Millennium D Stand.


·        The Stadium Ring Road will be closed for unauthorised vehicles as from 09:00hrs,. And the main Car Park at the West Stand end will be reserved for those in possession of an Official Parking Pass issued for this match.


         - Everyone is kindly being urged to observe the above instructions and the stadium regulations as well as any further instructions that my be issued during the course of the day.


·        For more information  -  Tel: 2338 6000  -  e-mail: [email protected]





All ticket buyers will be eligible to participate in a competition with the chance to win one of our great prizes. Ticket buyers will need to make use of the QR Code printed on the match ticket in order to participate in this competition. Terms & Conditions Apply.

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