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Giving a coaching perspective to youth girls
Aug 11, 2016
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In the past years, Women’s Football has managed to make gigantic steps into becoming a priority issue for the highest bodies in footballing world. Undeniably, FIFA and UEFA have operated thoroughly in transforming this movement from just a sport to a selling product for football lovers. 


Naturally, in order to make this transformation possible, it was necessary to strengthen the quality of football across the globe and every component of this movement has cooperated well in order to make this leap of quality. Obviously, this improvement is a continuous cycle until it reaches its highest levels but at the same time, both on and off the field.


With Gianno Infantino’s appointment as FIFA President, both FIFA and UEFA are amending their rules in order to involve more women personalities in both entities as they stress the importance of the women’s say in order to boost women’s football. One of the things which many associations are working on is to increase the number of women coaches across the globe and the Malta Football Association is not an exception.


Currently, the MFA is holding the CYF (Coaching Young Footballers) Course at the Technical Centre for all the Maltese WNT U17 players. In a nutshell, this course helps the candidates to get a first-hand experience in the world of coaching and it deals with the basic principles of football coaching, particularly the understanding of the role as a coach.


The course is held in six short modules with the aims being mainly to promote not only a playing career, but also a coaching career in women’s football. Moreover, giving these young players a closer look to the game will eventually help them in their playing style as they would be able to read the game. Naturally, one of the aims is to also increase the number of women coaches locally, an issue which many associations are trying to cope with.


Finally, the girls canhopefullyproceed in their coaching experience and can manage to obtain the UEFA C License within a year, which would undoubtedly boostthe knowledge of their game. 

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