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Sep 1, 2012
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Photo courtesy of Paul Zammit Cutajar
Photo courtesy of Paul Zammit Cutajar

There is a buzz every time Michael Mifsud steps on the field of play to represent his country. His scoring instincts make it imperative for the Maltese to expect further extension of his goleada.



Our goalscorer’s very latest feat is the brace he netted in a friendly match on 14 August against San Marino. Those goals put up his total to 36 in 91 appearances for his country – a truly amazing figure when one takes into account two important elements such as the tightly-knit defences attackers have to contend with nowadays, and the fact that our striker plays for a miniscule country which finds it hard to breach opposing defences.


What is also astonishing are other statistical readings which put Mifsud above some other great current goalscorers at international level, even if comparisons in this respect are relative. His total so far cements his position more solidly in the top eight of the still active players on the continent.


Further analysis of his scoring feats at national team level reveal that he has netted 0.39 goals per match, which is more than one goal in every three matches. Suffice to say that this scoring rate surpasses that of other celebrated scorers for their country.


An interesting fact in this regard is the striking figures of the all-time great Bobby Charlton a legendary scoring figure for his club and country. Charlton’s still unsurpassed total of 49 goals in 106 international matches (0.46) for England and 249 goals in 758 matches (0.32) for Manchester United does not discredit our goalscorer’s feats despite the variance in longevity which favours the legendary Charlton.


Indeed Michael Mifsud is a scoring machine.  


ALL the Goals of Michael Mifsud



Date Venue Competition Opponent Score Goals 
25-Apr-2001 Ta' Qali WC Qualifier Iceland 1-4 1
14-Nov-2001 Corradino Friendly Canada 2-1 1
9-Feb-2002 Ta' Qali Rothmans T'Ment Jordan 2-1 1
13-Feb-2002 Ta' Qali Rothmans T'Ment Moldova 3-0 1
17-Apr-2002 Ta' Qali Friendly Azerbaijan 1-0 1
20-Nov-2002 Levkosia EC Qualifier Cyprus 1-2 1
30-Apr-2003 Ta' Qali EC Qualifier Slovenia 1-3 1
10-Sep-2003 Antalya EC Qualifier Israel 2-2 1
31-Mar-2004 Ta' Qali Friendly Finland 1-2 1
18-Aug-2004 Toftir Friendly Faroe Islands 2-3 1
13-Oct-2004 Sofia WC Qualifier Bulgaria 1-4 1
2-Sep-2006 Ta' Qali EC Qualifier Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-5 1
17-Oct-2007 Ta' Qali EC Qualifier Moldova 2-3 1
21-Nov-2007 Ta' Qali EC Qualifier Norway 1-4 1
26-Mar-2008 Ta' Qali Friendly Liechtenstein 7-1 5
30-May-2008 Graz Friendly Austria 1-5 1
12-Aug-2009 Ta' Qali Friendly Georgia 2-0 2
18-Nov-2009 Corradino Friendly Bulgaria 1-4 1
3-Mar-2010 Ta' Qali Friendly Finland 1-2 1
11-Aug-2010 Ta' Qali Friendly Macdonia 1-1 1
4-Jun-2011 Piraeus EC Qualifier Greece 1-3 1
10-Aug-2011 Ta' Qali Friendly Cenral African Republic 2-1 2
2-Sep-2011 Ta' Qali EC Qualifier Croatia 1-3 1
6-Sep-2011 Ta' Qali EC Qualifier Georgia 1-1 1
29-Feb-2012 Ta' Qali Friendly Liechtnestein 2-1 2
2-Jun-2012 Luxembourg Friendly Luxembourg 2-0 2
14-Aug-2012 Serravalle Friendly San Marino 3-2 2
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