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Support of politicians imperative, says MFA President
Feb 15, 2017
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Malta Football Association President Norman Darmanin Demajo described the backing of both the Government and Opposition as vital for the continued growth of Maltese football as a delegation from the Opposition, led by Dr Simon Busuttil, paid a courtesy visit to the MFA premises at the National Stadium today.

Dr Busuttil, the Leader of the Opposition, along with PN Spokesman for Sport David Agius, met Malta FA officials and staff as they toured the Association’s offices and facilities in the Millennium Stand, including the new hospitality area which will be inaugurated in the coming months, and the Technical Centre.


“It’s important for us to work with the government as well as the Opposition because, for the projects we have in mind, it’s imperative to always have the total support of politicians,” the MFA President said in a short address to reporters before the two delegations sat down for a discussion at the Executive Committee boardroom.


“Honestly-speaking, since becoming president of the MFA, I’ve always found that, when it comes to football, it seems that they all look at it in a somewhat different way. This is important because we give a very important service. Football is very popular at all levels, and, as I like to say, it’s from the cradle to the grave.”


While thanking the Malta FA President for hosting the PN delegation, Dr Busuttil said: “With our presence here, I want to send precisely the same message you (Darmanin Demajo) have just conveyed.


“We are here to support sport, to support football. We will back it as a whole.”


“We view sport in all its dimensions, especially from the point of view of promoting a healthy lifestyle,” Dr Busuttil added.


Dr Busuttil praised the Malta FA’s bold efforts to fight corruption in sports, adding that his party strongly supports every initiative being taken to tackle this plight.


A host of important subjects such as the commercialisation of sports facilities, the Citizenship on Merit initiative and the possibility of introducing subsided electricity rates for sport entities were discussed during the meeting between the MFA and PN delegations.


In a light-hearted comment, Darmanin Demajo suggested that Members of Parliament put their political beliefs aside and sit according to their football allegiances as this would help to “promote better dialogue”.

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