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Malta FA acquires latest SHM 1002 Human Tecar model
Mar 6, 2017
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The Malta Football Association has continued to invest in its medical and physiotherapy facilities by acquiring the latest SHM 1002 Human Tecar model.

The new unit, which has been installed at the Association’s Millennium Clinic, encapsulates the physiotherapy approach of Human Tecar and is used in many different fields, such as:


• Trauma (muscle injuries, plantar fasciitis, sprains, post-surgical rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, muscle recovery);


• Recovery of energy and vitality (anti-stress treatment, recovery of nocturnal sleep, vitality recovery, improving balance and stability).


Members of the MFA medical and physiotherapy team received training on the features and benefits of the new Human Tecar equipment by Iacopo Bocchi at the Millennium Clinic.


Mr Bocchi is a Senior Physiotherapist specialising in the Human Tecar method at Unibell Slr.


“Adopted for the first time at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, the Human Tecar method is currently used by major sports teams and the top athletes in the world, for the treatment of physical fitness, prevention, and to support training programmes,” Unibell Slr, who conceived the Human Tecar technology, said.


“Taking a cue from the work done in the world of top-level sport, Unibell reported his experience to the common people, whose needs quickly return in the form are just as important, making the method accessible to everyone, in terms of time and, consequently, the costs.”


The local agent for Unibell Slr is Giuseppe Ferraro, Managing Director of Starbene of 185, Independence Avenue, Mosta (contact details: 99452472 or [email protected]).

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