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MFA AGM – Key areas of work during season 2016-2017
Jul 15, 2017
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Photos: Domenic Aquilina/MFA
Photos: Domenic Aquilina/MFA

  • Photos: Domenic Aquilina/MFA
  • Photos: Domenic Aquilina/MFA

The successful conclusion of the first UEFA Pro Coaching Course and UEFA Elite Youth A were among the most important achievements of the MFA Technical Centre during season 2016-17. “These courses were the culmination of a long-term plan which began several years ago, one that represents a fundamental point in the development of Maltese football – coach education,” Dr Angelo Chetcuti, the Malta FA General Secretary, said during the AGM, currently underway at the Grand Hotel Excelsior.


In the past season, Maltese national selections at all levels played a total of 55 matches. “Apart from the technical preparation, there is also the logistical aspect,” Dr Chetcuti remarked. “The International Deparment handled all the travelling and accomodation arrangementas for all these groups together with other events like the MFA Awards.”


Infrastructure is a sector that demands a lot of attention. One of the major changes last season was the scheduling of ‘preventive’ maintenance works. “Taking care of our facilities on a regular and systematic basis is also a form of investment,” the MFA General Secretary said, adding that the installation of a new hybrid pitch at the National Stadium was a much-needed investment. Dr Chetcuti also outlined the on-going projects in the Millennium Stand, incuding the Trophies Lounge, which has been completed, the MFA Museum and Merchandise Store as well as other improvements and renovations works at ground level.


The Malta FA is devoting greater importance to the communications and marketing sectors and the way it conveys the message to the public. “This was a sector that I, as a member of the Executive Committee, emphasised a lot in order for communication to be considered also at a managerial level and complement the decision-making process,” Dr Chetcuti said.


During last season, MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo held a number of no-agenda meetings. “These were very useful meetings with the stakeholders and I feel that many good and interesting points came out of these meetings,” Dr Chetcuti said.


Making reference to the Administrators’ Course being organised by the MFA, commencing in September, Dr Chetcuti highighted some important financial figures for Premier League clubs. The total declared income for Premier League clubs last season was €6.9 million while their combined expenditure reached €6.87 million, of which €4.78m were spent on player salaries i.e. 70 per cent of their income.


“Salaries are needed, an essential component but is the money well-spent?,” Dr Chetcuti said.


“The remaining 30 per cent is mostly spent on other recurrent expenses and you know well that how many unexpected expenses crop up during the year.

“This is also means that clubs are unable to make a capital investment.”


Going forward, Dr Chetcuti mentioned the installation of medical rooms in local stadia, the implemenation of safeguarding regulations, the due diligence exercise for MFA and club officials and the introduction of the season tickets for the BOV Premier League.


“Yesterday (Friday) I had a meeting with the Premier Division Standing Committee and I’m very pleased to inform you that a consensus has been reached for clubs to start selling season tickets for their matches at a price established by the clubs themselves,” Dr Chetcuti said.


“We have also agreed that the price of the matchday Premier League ticket should increase slightly”


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