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Supply of medical equipment and management of medical rooms - Call for quotations
Jul 24, 2017
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It is the intention of the Malta Football Association to enhance the medical response within all sites wherein its competitions are held.


Over the past months, the MFA has held efforts to improve the match-day experience, which shall also include the safety and care of athletes and attendees alike.  In view of this a consultation process with various stakeholders has been made, including Players association (MFPA), the MFA in-house medical team, theMFA (outsourced) paramedics and Third-party contractors.  This has led to a four-pronged strategy to address to every increasing health and safety at football stadia, which includes (i) Ongoing first-aid programmes for club personnel; (ii) the introduction of Minimum required pitch-side equipment; (iii) the development of a Match injury protocol and (iv) the installation of an on-site medical room within every stadium;


The document explains in further detail the strategy, the consultation process, and calls on experienced individuals and entities to supply the required medicinal supplies and assist in the proper maintenance of such medical rooms.  


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