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WATCH – ‘Refereeing is... Fun’
Nov 27, 2017
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‘Refereeing is... Fun’.


This slogan is at the heart of the Malta FA Referees’ Department unstinting efforts to encourage more youngsters to take up a career in refereeing.

This on-going drive is producing the desired results as an encouraging number of students of the Recruitment Unit have gone on to become match officials.


“As far as training is concerned, we start at the lecture room before going on the field of play to do the physical part under the guidance of a qualified coach,” Paul Caruana, the Head of the Recruitment Unit and Project Leader of the Malta FA Refs’ Academy, explains in a new video feature promoting refereeing.


“We also have a practical session focusing on areas like flagging technique, how to hold the flag, how to speak, how to use the whistle and other movements.”


Caruana said that the Recruitment Unit organises three courses during the season, two for prospective match officials aged 17 and over, and one for the Academy students, aged 12 to 17, which runs from January until April.


Sessions are held every Saturday between 9am and noon.


“Even in the Academy course, we conduct training sessions for the students,” Caruana said.


“We also have a sport psychologist and a nutritionist giving talks to the course participants and we also organise a live-in seminar where we discuss important topicss and spend a few days together like a family.


“Two years ago, 40 students, boys and girls, successfully completed our courses, including 22 who were Academy students.


“Last year, we had an average of 18 (Academy) and 25 to 28 graduates overall.


“This year, we also have an encouraging number of students, including a group of girls.


“This is very important as the girls have a bright future in refereeing.”


The Recruitment Unit and Referees Academy are part of the Malta FA Referees Deparment, headed by Kevin Azzopardi who is supported by a team of dedicated officials working at all levels of refereeing in Malta.


More information on refereeing courses can be obtained by sending an email to [email protected]

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