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Malta FA stadium staff attend sports first-aid sessions
Apr 16, 2018
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The Malta FA matchday staff recently attended a series of first-aid sessions with the aim of creating a safer environment in local stadia.

Devised by the Malta FA medical department and the Malta Red Cross (MRC), the sports first-aid sessions were held over two days at the MRC offices in Pembroke. 


The sessions enabled a significant number of Malta FA personnel to be competent in administrating first aid to injured athletes and by-standers.


“The main difference between these modules and other courses relating to basic first aid is that, apart from training on how to administer initial first aid, the modules offered by the MRC target specific sports related injuries, such as management of suspected spinal injuries, bone-related injuries, wounds, etc,” Malta FA doctor Matthew Psaila said.


“Their actions, apart from being potentially life-saving, may prevent complications resulting from acute sports injuries.”

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