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Regions Cup assignments for Maltese match officials
Jun 14, 2018
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Fyodor Zammit
Fyodor Zammit

Maltese referee Fyodor Zammit has been selected by UEFA to form part of the pool of match officials for the Group 7 Qualifying Phase of the European Regions’ Cup 2019, starting today (Thursday) in the Czech Republic.

Zammit will control the match between West Region (Hungary) and East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), being played on 17th June. Three days later, he will take charge of the game between San Marino (San Marino) and East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Assistant referee Mitchell Scerri is also a member of the officiating team for this mini-tournament.


Apart from the two matches being controlled by Zammit, Scerri will also be on duty in the opening-day match between East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Hradec Králove (Czech Republic), scheduled for Thursday. Zammit will act as fourth official.


The cities of Trutnov and Vrchlabi are hosting the matches.

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