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Football Physical Trainer Course – Level 1 starting in April
Mar 6, 2019
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The Malta FA Technical Centre is organising a Football Physical Trainer Course Level 1 (FPTC – Level 1) during the April-May period. This course, the first of two focusing on football physical preparation organised by the Malta FA Technical Centre, covers all aspects of physical preparation in youth football up to the age of 16.

During this course, candidates are introduced to the basic principles of training methodology and football periodisation. It prepares candidates to have the required competences to prepare the players optimally in this important aspect without losing sight of the other three aspects required in football.


This course has a duration of 32 hours, including both theoretical and practical lessons.


Candidates are assessed at the end of the course with the presentation of a periodisation plan and a practical assessment.


The course is open to:

Physical Education or Sport Science degree qualification (Level 6) + CYF
Physiotherapy degree qualification (B.Sc. Hons – Level 6) + CYF
UEFA B Coaches


Learning outcomes

Understand the importance of physical preparation during the development phase
Demonstrate the importance to propose an age and level-related methodology of work
Recognise the importance to follow a Long-Term Development Plan
Differentiate and apply coordinative and conditional capacities in each training session
Understand the importance to apply a game approach and player centered methodology



Candidates need to prepare a full detailed one-week periodisation plan designed for a youth football team.


Furthermore, a practical session, with its relative variations and progressions on the development of the coordinative/speed/agility with and/or without ball for a maximum of 15 minutes need to be conducted.

CLICK HERE to download the Physical Trainer Course Document and Application Form 

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