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Dec 21, 2012
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Over the years the Malta Football Association had within its ranks dedicated people who worked unselfishly to bring about progress in all sectors of the game. Technical, administrative personnel and referees, besides the top officials within the association worked incessantly towards the good of football. Their love for the sport left an indelible mark on the development of the Maltese game.




Ronnie Attard, who for several years was the association’s Technical Director and also performed other duties as National Teams’ Managerand Marketing Manager, surely qualifies as one of those who rendered sterling service to the MFA.


His passing away on the 20th December came as sad news to all those who knew him and to others who derived benefit through his administrative expertise.


He was also a man with remarkable human qualities which rendered his relations with many as excellent. Ronnie was practical and efficient in his work, always ready to be of prompt service to his technical staff and to the many players in our representative teams he came in contact with. His assistance in these sectors was invaluable and brought about harmonious relations in the day-to day operations as well as work related to long-term planning.


His selfless dedication to football never waned and was kept up almost until the last months before he was unable to attend to his duties as technical director at Luxol Sports Club. This distinguished him as a person whose devotion to football was almost on a par with that to his family.


To his wife Marlene, his daughter Lara and his extended family go our heartfelt condolences.       

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