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Jan 15, 2013
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The Malta Football Association’s website, which was revamped in May 2012 through a state of the art launching, has made substantial progress in various fields.



Statistics show that higher figures were registered during the first six months in the average number of visits in particular monthwhich rose by more than 5%, data which also confirmed these figures over a day. Page views and unique visitors on a monthly basis also reveal an increase in numbersof 11% and 7% respectively.


The website’s search engine optimisation has resulted ina significant rise in trafficvia search engines, evidence that the site is becoming increasingly popular.


The same applies to social networking especially that regarding the official Face Book page  MALTA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION – 1900 which lately surpassed the 2k mark in the number of likes and which is still on the increase. In fact the volume of traffic to from referring sites has increased substantially to the extent that FBis now the top contributor in this regard


The most popular features among the browsers have turned out to bethe BOV Premier League and National Team pages, while heavyspikes of traffic are regularly being registered when the Match Live Tickeris on,the heaviest during thefirst six months occured during the week of September when our National Team played at home to Armenia and away to Italy in the World Cup Qualifiers.Newer heights were howeverreachedduring the Valletta – Birkirkara match on Saturday, 12th January.


These have taken to new limits also in the average time spent by users which has risen by a significant 17% over the 6 month period.


As far as merchandising is concerned there have been inroads into uncharted territory with the launching of the MFA’s Online Store through which many now have the opportunity to order sponsors branded National Team shirts.


This initiative has opened the way for more merchandising items to be launched, with the result that in future sales in this sector are bound to increase.


Indeed, one can safely saythat the association’s website is now bound towards reaching even more significant heightsespecially when the time comes for data related to all MFA leagues (including the youth leagues), can be maintained. Thus more than justifying the investment.

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