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Jan 29, 2013
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Photo courtesy of Paul Zammit Cutajar
Photo courtesy of Paul Zammit Cutajar

The MFA is fully aware of the clubs’ needs to promote women’s football at the younger levels starting from the Under-16’s. This is backed by the Association’s heavy investment in women’s football for the past two years




It has been noted that some clubs have responded positively to these initiatives and have worked even harder to have a better organised team and a substantial amount of upcoming young female footballers. However, other clubs are still finding difficulties in organising themselves. Clubs are being urged to understand that now is the ideal time to have a properly set up women’s team. As FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, stated “The future of Football is feminine!”


Speaking at a press conference at the Centenary Hall last Saturday, Bjorn Vassallo, MFA’s CEO said,

“I truly admire the passion and  enthusiasm of all those somehow involved in women's football, whether these being football players, administrators etc. In this regard the Malta Football Association is committed to maintain its support in favour of the further development of women's football in the Maltese islands".

"During the past two years we have for the first time managed to attract a sponsorship for the national women's leagues and through which all local clubs will benefit, to the extent that the MFA is today in a position to cover all the expenses related to match officials and the venues where league matches are held. It is also our intention that with effect from the coming season all such expenses related to the girls' Under 16 competitions, will also be covered by MFA. Not to mention the heavy investment made on all clubs' sports facilities and through which women's football has gained considerably".

"I would finally like to thank all those who are with great efforts and determination, working in this sector at grassroots level for the game to evolve further at senior level.”


The MFA is investing in women’s football by promoting the female game in the girls’ primary schools sector, rebranding women’s football, introducing the BOV Player of the Month awards and by direct financial injection in the clubs when absorbing the Match Officials and pitch costs for all the teams. We have also absorbed the U-16 match officials fees.


Robert Gatt, MFA’s Technical Director addressed the press conference too.


“The Technical centre gives its full support to women and girls football to see its continuous improvement and to keep in line with the growing development of women's football throughout the world. Our TC sees 80 women and girls attending weekly training at Ta Qali with our National Teams and our girls academy. This year for the first time our Under 16 and under 19 National Teams will take part in UEFA International tournaments. Our TC grassroots department embarked on an ambitious programme to promote and involve as many girls as possible to start playing football at an early age in local nurseries.


Through the MFA and its Grassroots department FIFA donated football shoes and full kit to all the girls playing in the MFA under 16 league.”


Since we insist on promoting the game at grassroots rather than at the seniors’ level, we want to encourage the clubs further by additionally supporting them in this venture by also absorbing the pitch costs for the U-16 League. Thus, as with the senior league, the clubs’ costs will only be limited to the medical fees which this season are € 5 per team per match. This means a saving of approximately € 136 per team on pitch fees.


The MFA is relieving the clubs of these costs to help them focus on developing their grassroots sector. At the same time the association urges the clubs to assume responsibility in developing their grassroots with the utmost commitment and enthusiasm.


Finally, Maria Mifsud, Deputy Secretary General, responsible for women’s football said,


“The Women's football department is working incessantly for the good of the women's game. We appeal to the Clubs to work hand in hand with us in this sector as we can only be successful if we all work together towards the same goal. Collaboration/Teamwork is key in reaching any goal with success. The MFA is working on increasing girls at a young age-we are carrying out football sessions in schools, an U11 Girls weekly Festival is starting on the 3rd of February and we shall also be launching a specific Facebook page for Women's Football with continuous leagues, National Team and all sorts of Women's Football information.”


FIFA is in the front line of these initiatives for the younger sector of the female game and is supporting associations by providing football equipment such as balls, football boots, shin guards, goalkeeper gloves, bibs and other training apparel for the participants.


On its part the MFA’s women’s sector is a constant driving force in promoting school sessions for girls and nurseries and assisting in the organisation of the schools league and Futsal school festivals.


The association is confident that its pre-set objectives to put female football on a firmer footing will be reached with the co-operation of all.

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