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Malta FA finalising preparations for launch of new strategy
Nov 27, 2020
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The Malta Football Association is planning to launch its new four-year strategy in mid-January as work on this very important project has now reached a very advanced stage.

Inspired by the manifesto proposed by Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo which was subsequently adopted as the basis of the Association’s strategic plan, the new strategy encompasses three main areas – technical projects, governance and infrastructure.

Details of the discussions and ongoing preparations for the launch of the strategy were given during an online meeting of the Malta FA Council on Thursday.

Summary of the main strategic pillars:


Develop and Grow (on and off the pitch) – through tailor-made development programmes, hubs, football in school initiatives, coach development and mentoring, referee mentoring and nurturing football’s positive impact on the community


Showcase the Game – improve men’s and women’s competitions, building on the popularity of the national teams, develop new futsal competitions and launch a beach soccer national championship


Communicate and Commercialise – broaden the exposure and commercial value of Malta FA projects and activities.


Govern and Lead – refine regulatory frameworks to strengthen the professional aspect



The Malta FA has allocated a budget of €537,000 for three club assistance programmes – the Facility Maintenance Scheme, Clubs Administrator Scheme and the Development Pot.

Thanks to the Facility Maintenance scheme, which has a fund of €106,000, member clubs can apply for yearly financial grants to cover expenses related to general maintenance at their facilities.

The Young Players Development scheme, which has a pot of €277,000, is aimed at encouraging clubs to promote young homegrown talent. Clubs benefit from financial incentives for every young player aged Under 21 (there are additional incentives for fielding Under-19 players in the National Amateur League) who plays an established amount of minutes during a league match.

The Clubs Administrator Scheme offers financial assistance to clubs that employ a qualified administrator with the allocated grant based on their status (professional or amateur). To this end, the Malta FA is currently organising the fourth edition of the Certificate in Football Administration (CFA) which is being held online.

Applications for these schemes, which will come into effect from January 2021, opened last week.


The Association’s projects to build a state-of-the-art National Football Centre in an unused area of the Training Grounds, and the renovation of the training pitches, were also on the agenda of the Council meeting.

The designs of these infrastructural projects, which are estimated to cost over €10 million, are being finalised and computer-generated images of the National Football Centre, which will incorporate a Category 1 stadium, were shown to the Council members during Thursday's meeting.



The Malta FA is continuing to play a leading role in social responsibility projects co-ordinated by UEFA and the European Union.

One of these projects, aimed at promoting social inclusion and gender equality, sees the participation of six partners with the Malta FA collaborating closely with its Norwegian and North Macedonian counterparts.

The Malta FA is also contributing to another international project centred around anti-radicalisation and the integration of migrants. The other partners are the FAs of Andorra, Belgium, Italy (FIGC) and Irelnd (FAI).



The Malta FA has appointed a working group to discuss and draft a Memorandum of Understanding with Premier League and Challenge League clubs.

The terms of reference of the working group, which is chaired by the Association’s president, include financial entitlements, fixture planning, release of players for the national teams, medical incentives and the sporting regulatory aspect.


A meeting between the Malta FA and the PLSC (Premier League Standing Committee) is scheduled to take place next week with the regulatory aspect the main item on the agenda.



The Malta FA Council approved amendments to the Anti-Doping Regulations to reflect the updated FIFA and WADA regulations, procedures and sanctions.

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