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Match Tickets - All you need to know!
Jan 13, 2022
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How can spectators purchase their match ticket?

Match tickets will be available to be purchased online here. 

Tickets can also be purchased in person in advance from the Malta FA Merchandising Shop, Millenium Stand  Level 2, National Stadium, Ta' Qali on Tuesdays (2pm-4pm) and Fridays (10m—1pm).

What do spectators require to enter the stadium for football matches?

Spectators have to be fully vaccinated.  Fully vaccinated for adults aged 18 years and over means:

  1. primary schedule 2 with last dose administered not more than 3 months previously OR
  2. primary schedule and booster with last dose of booster administered not more than 9 months previously.

Fully vaccinated for persons aged below 18 years means full primary schedule

A valid Covid-19 vaccine certificate and ID Card/Passport are required for stadium access. It is important that you always carry the certificate when attending matches.


Who is exempted from showing a valid covid certificate as mentioned in the previous question? 

The below mentioned persons/categories of persons are exempted as follows:

Children under the age of 12 years

Children under 12 years of age are not required to present a vaccination certificate



While COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters, can be given at any time in pregnancy, in low risk situations some women may choose to delay vaccination until 12 weeks of gestation, though they should aim for vaccination as soon as possible thereafter.

In view of this, pregnant women up to 16 weeks gestation who have delayed receiving their booster due to early pregnancy will be allowed entry to the stadium if they present a recognised vaccine certificate documenting that they have received the primary schedule of COVID vaccination (even if the last dose of primary vaccination has been administered more than 3 months previously) together with an antenatal card/ doctor’s certificate confirming the dates of their pregnancy.


Persons testing positive

In the case of persons unable to take their booster because they tested positive for COVID-19 in the recent past, such persons will be allowed entry to the stadium if they present a recognised vaccine certificate documenting that they have received the primary schedule of COVID vaccination (even if the last dose has been administered more than 3 months previously) together with their positive COVID-19 test result from a licenced laboratory or registered swabbing centre dated no more than 6 weeks prior.


Medical conditions

The only exempted supporters are those in possession of an authorised letter by the Superintendent of Public Health which states that the first dose of vaccine caused immediate severe anaphylaxis requiring medical treatment. 

Please refer to:



Will spectators be allowed to watch back-to-back matches?

No, tickets will be sold for individual matches only.

What time will the gates open?

Gates open 90 minutes before kick-off

Do spectators need to wear face masks?

Yes, a face mask is to be worn at all times when attending a match.

Can spectators purchase a season ticket for the 2021-2022 football season?

Season tickets will NOT be available this season due to the limitations in the capacity of the respective stadia due to Covid-19.

Will the matches be televised?

Two matches per match-day will be broadcast live by the Official Broadcaster, PBS. The first matchdays will be aired on TVM2, and later on PBS’s new channel TVM News+.

How much does a match ticket cost?

€10 Adults | €4 Children | €4 Senior Citizens

I am buying a ticket for children under 12 years. What do I need to do?

Children under 12 years are exempted from the obligation to show the vaccination certificate. 

Children under the age of 3, who will not occupy a seat, do not need a ticket to enter the Stadium.  


Will matches be Live-Streamed?

No, two (2) matches per match-day will be televised exclusively by PBS.

What is the maximum capacity allowed?

Depending on the stadium used, the capacity allowed is as follows:


National Stadium


  Tony Bezzina Stadium


  Centenary Stadium




The capacity allowed will be updated according to the relevant measures announced by health authorities from time to time. As of the 16th August 2021, a maximum amount of 300 per sector will be permissible, where the stadium used allows it. As of the 30th August 2021, such limit will increase to 500.


What information do I need to give when buying a ticket online?

To buy tickets online you need to register via You will need to provide an email address where a validation code will be sent. You will then be asked to enter your name, surname, Identity Card number, and a contact number.     


Can members of the same household sit near each other?

Social distancing will be applied in the seating arrangement of every stadium. At the moment, all attendees must respect such seating arrangement.

I cannot buy tickets in the sector desired. Why?

Due to limitations in the maximum capacity of stadia, it could be that the sector is sold out. Alternatively, it could be that the sector is being sold by any of the respective clubs playing.

I bought the ticket, but I still cannot print/download it. Why?

Once you upload your vaccination certificate, this would have to be approved before you can print or download your ticket. Until the certificate is verified, you will see the following message:

Ticket Confirmation

Once the vaccination certificate is verified, the grey boxes would appear in green, meaning you can print or download your ticket.


How many tickets can I buy?

You can add ‘Guests’ under your account. Your list of guests can be seen from the menu under ‘My Guests’ and you can add up to 9 guests.

Does anything change if I buy the ticket from my club?

Clubs may choose to buy tickets to their matches directly. If you have bought your ticket directly from the club, you need to show your vaccination certificate at the door.

I still haven’t found an answer to my query?

Please email us on [email protected]. Alternatively you can call on the helpline +356 2338 6251

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