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Devis Mangia: 'We believe in the strength of the team'
Oct 7, 2021
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Credit: Domenic Aquilina
Credit: Domenic Aquilina

  • Credit: Domenic Aquilina

‘We may have one or two players that are missing however all the players are important.  We don’t depend on anyone’, said Head Coach National Teams Devis Mangia whilst addressing the media during the MD-1 press conference before tomorrow’s European Qualifier against Slovenia on home soil.

Mr Mangia explained that, ‘We have good players but the result of a match depends on a lot of factors as we have seen from the match in Ljubljana’.


St Johnstone player James Brown will not be available for tomorrow’s game.  Devis Mangia explained that the team tried its utmost to do everything to help him recover however they will not take anything risks.  Ryan Camenzuli will also miss tomorrow’s game as he is suspended.


Devis Mangia explained that ‘The team always goes into the pitch to do our best and try to win and gain points.  That is the aim.  However we cannot underestimate our opponents.  Slovenia are a very good team and the numbers speak for themselves.  Malta is in the 171st team and Slovenia is in the 64th place.’


He said that the difference in the first game played in September may have not been so evident because Malta had a very good performance.  Josep Ilicic missed the game in Slovenia due to suspension.  Mr Mangia explained that he knows the player well and he believes he is one of those players who can change a team and make a difference.  However the coach is of the opinion that Slovenia still has a very good team.


‘The focus is always on the performance.  Hoping to be able to do another step.  I don’t want to put any pressure to get points or to score goals but always to improve the performance.’


Joining Devis Mangia for the press conference was Steve Pisani who has reached 31 caps.


Steve Pisani believes that the team is very tight knit.  The atmosphere is a very positive one.  The strength of the the team is the team in itself. 


‘The difference is felt not just by the players but also by the Maltese people in general.  The players are more confident but this improvement comes after weeks of hard work’ said Pisani


‘We must remain humble, even if progress have been made.  We have to focus always of the next game and see that we improve in small steps’

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