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'We did technical mistakes,' Devis Mangia
Oct 8, 2021
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Sometimes stumbling helps, but only if you learn from it’, said Head Coach National Teams Devis Mangia during the post match press conference.  Malta lost to Slovenia 4-0 in the Group H European Qualifier – World Cup 2022.

Coach Mangia stated that the team did not play a good game from a technical point of view.   ‘We did a lot of technical mistakes and then we had to pay.’  The Coach explained that this is the first analysis, however he will analyse the game in depth with his team.

‘We didn’t start bad – we had two opportunities to score in the first half and after the second half the game changed’ reiterated Devis Mangia. 

The team had a better result away, and Coach Mangia commented that the difference was that this time round there was a very talented player on the pitch who was missing when Malta travelled to Ljubljana. 

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