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Malta FA President emphasizes on duty to leave legacy for future generations
Nov 5, 2021
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Credit: Mark Zammit Cordina
Credit: Mark Zammit Cordina

Addressing the General Assembly in its new composition and format yesterday evening, Malta FA President, Bjorn Vassallo, spoke about the potential of sport in the country focusing mainly on what football has been doing and the progress made at all levels of the game.

“We should not be afraid to continue with the reforms and changes,” Vassallo said to the delegates present at the Centenary Hall.


“This is a transformation process studied on the basis of what is being implemented in other European associations and what we believe is needed for football in our country.The strategy document for Maltese football seeks to respond to shortcomings in our football system.  To progress, we need to forget individual interests and competitive elements and instead we should continue to collaborate collectively to be able to reach common goals.”


The Malta FA President praised the maturity of the clubs and member associations and reminded that there is still a lot of work to be done and expressed his confidence that the targets envisaged for the approval and implementation of the remaining reforms in governance will be met.


“By the end of 2023 we will have carried out the majority of the reforms planned and intended to shape the future of football in Malta”, highlighted the Malta FA President.  


“A future that synchronizes with what is being proposed also at FIFA, UEFA and EU levels, where football strategies and proposals from competent committees conclude on the importance of a European sports model based on values ​​and the interests of citizens and stakeholders whilst recognizing the need for a strong commitment in integrating the principles of solidarity, sustainability, inclusiveness and sporting merit.”

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