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'We have to take advantage of our moments', Devis Mangia
Nov 10, 2021
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Credit: Domenic Aquilina
Credit: Domenic Aquilina

  • Credit: Domenic Aquilina

‘We have to adapt to any situation that arises during tomorrow’s game’ said Head Coach National Teams Devis Mangia while speaking to the media during MD-1 press conference.  ‘The team is well prepared and I am satisfied that yesterday we had one of the best training sessions in the past ten days’ continued Devis Mangia.

Malta tomorrow play against Croatia in the penultimate game in Group H of the European Qualifiers of the World Cup 2022.  
Devis Mangia reiterated that ‘It is common knowledge that Croatia is one of the best teams in the world, however we have to play our football.  We can suffer at times during the game but we have to have personality to play our game.’
Malta, despite being minnows, are not in advantage because Croatia have expert players who even if under pressure to gain points have the skills and the players to shine.  ‘Only the performance of both teams will make the difference.  We have to take advantage of our moments during the game’ declared Devis Mangia.
Malta and Croatia have already met in March 2021 in Rijeka, and the game ended in a 3-0 win for the hosts.  Devis Mangia said that in Rijeka, the team played with a perfect aptitude for the first 60 minutes of that game and the aim is to repeat that performance for the whole duration of the game. 


Bjorn Kristensen, who has been missing from the selection for the past few matches, explained that it is an honour for everyone to be chosen to be part of the national team.  Each player has to give his 100% during the season in the domestic game but then it is up to the coach to decide.   Unity in the team is vital and that is the secret of this national football team, explained Kristensen.
Kristensen explained that every game has a different story and the team is focused to give their utmost in tomorrow's match.
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