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A day in the life of the Malta FA's ground staff
Mar 17, 2022
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Credit: Mark Zammit Cordina
Credit: Mark Zammit Cordina

  • Credit: Mark Zammit Cordina
  • Credit: Mark Zammit Cordina

Earlier in the week we spent the day with Andrew Monaghan, one of the Malta FA’s ground staff, to see how he spends his days at the Stadium!

The Ta’ Qali National Stadium is used much more per week when compared to other stadia in Europe.  Keeping it in top condition is one of the priorities of the Malta FA groundstaff.


“You don’t realise how much work is involved.  It’s not just about the cutting the grass.  It is a live thing and you don’t really take into consideration how much work needs to be done to have the grass in itself.”


“It’s a very intense job and we don’t only have the stadium.  We have three full size pitches in Ta’ Qali.  There’s a lot of irrigation involved daily.  This is another factor that you have to be careful – how much irrigation you give it.”


Andrew Monaghan is one of the newest members of the team of ground staff.  In total the team is made up of four members employed by the Malta FA who together with the Head Groundsman takes care of all the natural grass surfaces of Ta’ Qali.  The Head Groundsman also takes care of the schedules that are done on a weekly bases.


“One thing which I had never considered, was how much care is taken so that players will not suffer any injury, regarding slipping” said Monaghan


“If we don’t cut the grass daily, then you wouldn’t have such a magnificent pattern which is visibly very appealing especially for the television.  The other thing is painting the lines.  The greener the grass looks, the more the lines show better”.


Monaghan explained that “We are lucky to have a hybrid pitch which consists of 5% fibres.  Equally lucky to have such good weather to keep the ground in tip top condition.”


The goalposts are the final things that are put up and the final basic thing is putting up the corner flags. 


Monaghan finished by saying that it is only at that point that you can look at the pitch and say a job well done.

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