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Apr 17, 2013
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The Malta Football Association’s novel idea of ‘adopting’ a dog mascot for our national teams has captured the imagination of people of all ages, especially children.



The association’s gesture through president Norman Darmanin Demajo’s initiative to take on the creature as our representative teams’ ‘flagbearer’ has struck a very bright note which should gain further momentum as suggestions for a name to be given to the dog will be received from the public on the basis of a competition. Children, the backbone of tomorrow’s society, should be in the forefront when the name for the MFA’s amiable mascot is chosen.  


Our country’s governing football body has indeed upgraded the notions of Respect and Fair Play expounded by UEFA. It has taken these principles to uncharted territory when through its fine gesture some days ago the rescued dog was taken under its custody.


An awareness was thus raised on issues which needed greater focus if we aspire for a better society.


Cruelty to animals is a malaise which severely dents human nature. Preventing this untoward behaviour towards other beloved creatures is one of our obligations and the association is now showing the way.  


Anyone can suggest  a name by filling the form on 


A shortlist of proposed names will be put up on MFA's Official FB Page, for the fans to vote for the most appropriate and fitting name.


FREE TICKETS for Malta's upcoming World Cup Qualification Matches will be given to those persons whose proposed name for the mascot is shortlisted for the final vote.


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