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Jul 5, 2013
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photo credit - Paul Zammit Cutajar
photo credit - Paul Zammit Cutajar

  • photo credit - Paul Zammit Cutajar

The endearing episode earlier this year of the rescued dog who was eventually ‘adopted’ by the Malta Football Association as our national teams’ mascot had another romantic follow-up recently when a new home was set up for the dog. The animal is now being kept in a place specifically built at the VIP Car Park, adjacent to the West Stand of the Ta’ Qali National Stadium.



In the meantime a name was given to the lovable creature after a selection process which had several national teams’ fans sending their suggestion. There were several interesting names submitted following the publication of a short list on the social media.  In the end ŻEPP was chosen, a name which has turned out to be very popular as it is intrinsically linked with our language and has a popular appeal.


As a token of appreciation by the MFA the fans who had originally proposed the chosen name will be receiving complimentary tickets for Malta’s next World Cup group home match against Denmark on the 6th September.


This novel idea in the wake of the heart-warming story of the dog has been a vehicle through which the MFA is fostering noble concepts of social responsibility. 

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