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Jul 21, 2013
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photo credit - Dominic Aquilina
photo credit - Dominic Aquilina

In the wake of Saturday's confirmation of Norman Damanin Demajo as president of the Malta Football Associaton for another three years, the delegates re-affirmed their belief that continuity in pursuance of progress and sustainability in all sectors of the association's operations is the roadmap that must guide the football authority in our country.

Having been elected to the top post in 2010, Darmanin Demajo has been practically given a carte blanche to lead the MFA to pastures new in accordance with a collective belief that the game in our country still has further inroads to make in its bid to realise its ambitions of a sounder future.


The president outvoted Dr Peter Fenech, the other contestant for the top post, by 117 to 23 votes, a clear affirmation of the trust Darmanin Demajo enjoys among the member clubs and member associations of Malta's parent football body.


The man wants to be of service to the country's football fraternity as he said in a short address after the ballot was concluded. 'Real power is being of service to others' he said, quoting Pope Francis.


It goes without saying, these are sound principles which should guide those at the helm who have been entrusted to guide the fortunes of others. Nothing should be spared in order to maintain progress in all spheres of the assciation's activities.


The team of officials in the shape of vice-presidents has a new name, that of Dr Chris Bonett, formerly head of the MFA's legal department. He has succeeded Carmelo Bartolo, the long-serving senior vice-president, whose sterling work for the association can never be over-emphasised. Expressions of gratitude, no doubt, go to the outgoing vice-president.


Meanwhile, the other serving vice-presidents, Alex Manfre and Ludovico Micallef A&CE have retained their posts.
The office of treasurer has gone to Ivan Mzzi who for many years was the MFA's financial controller. He has replaced Antoine Porteli who had been in the post since 2010..


It can be said that the team of top officials, plus the Chief Executive Officer, Bjorn Vassallo, and the general secretary, Joe Gauci, who have retained their posts by virtue of the association's Statute, will again form a formidable team able to steer the fortunes of the game in general in our country to a sounder future.  

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