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Sep 20, 2013
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photocredit - Dominic Aquilina
photocredit - Dominic Aquilina

“We cannot have good match officials without well-trained referee observers”, stated Director of Refereeing Adrian D. Casha at the introduction of last Saturday’s refresher course for referee observers organised by the Malta FA Refereeing Department at its own quarters in Ta’ Qali.




Recent teaching material received from FIFA and UEFA was amongst the teaching resources used to ensure that the referee observers received updated information about the interpretation and application of the Laws of the Game, as well as the latest guidelines how to assess match officials.


A new referee observer report was introduced for BOV Premier League and Division 1 matches.  The report is more detailed and is identical to UEFA Referee Observer Reports.  Details about the new marking system for additional assistant referees and 4th Officials were also given to the participants.


Development Officer Victor Mintoff lectured participants about the impact of match situations on the referee observer’s assessment mark, while Adrian D. Casha updated the participants with the latest interpretations of the Laws of the Game, mainly recognition of challenges, denial of obvious goal-scoring opportunities vs stopping a promising attack, handball, use of advantage and offside.


In line with the UEFA Convention requirements, the referee observers’ technical knowledge was tested by a Laws of the Game Trivia Quiz and a Video Test to determine the correct decision and possible disciplinary sanction of various match situations.


The participants were also advised that as happens with match officials, referee observers are now being categorised according to their knowledge, experience, performance and commitment.

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