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Oct 18, 2013
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  • photo credit Dominic Aquilina
  • photo credit Dominic Aquilina
  • photo credit Dominic Aquilina
  • photo credit Dominic Aquilina

An activity which the Malta Football Association embarked upon some time ago and which is being promoted primarily by the marketing department especially amongst the younger generation is the National Stadium tours.


The association has long felt the need that unless the central infrastructure which includes the National Stadium with its ancillary amenities is open to the public as part of a reconnaissance exercise, the ‘home of football’ in Malta remains a distant edifice in the eyes of many.


The ultimate objective is to attract more people to watch football and to help them perceive the various amenities available at the stadium and the surrounding complex. Through this familiarisation activity a love for the game is being generated, apart from the fact that the public is made aware of certain recreational  and fitness facilities that are available at the Ta’ Qali Football Complex.


Stadium tours have become more and more popular among the schoolchildren and groups of pupils from several government, private and church schools visit the stadium. These tours, besides being educational, serve to create an awareness of the MFA set-up and the organisation behind its competitions.


The number of boys and girls visiting the Stadium has increased steadily over the months. Interest in these tours is growing and being re-ignited continually. With the start of the new scholatic year, the programme of visits during the latter part of October is already almost full.


This is a clear sign that the scope of such an initiative is being achieved.


Reservations for group tours of the National Stadium can be made by contacting [email protected]          

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