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The Malta Football Association’s Referees Committee is mainly composed of former referees with several years of experience, who meet regularly and discuss policy matters in the interests of referees and refereeing in general.

The Committee implements its policies on subjects such as recruitment and retention of referees, referees’ appointments, referees’ observer reports, media matters, introductory and refresher courses, technical meetings and seminars, as well as mental, physical and technical preparation.


The Malta FA became a signatory of the UEFA Convention on Referee Education and Organisation on 25th March, 2009. This affiliation over the past years is proof of the high standard maintained in local refereeing and encourages all those involved in this sector to aim towards higher objectives in the years to come.


On the FIFA International Lists, the Malta FA is represented by four referees and eight assistant referees on the Men’s Referees’ List, two referees on the Men’s Futsal Referees’ List and two referees on the Beach Soccer Referees’ List.


As of season 2020-2021, former FIFA referee Alan Mario Sant has been appointed as Chairman of the Referees’ Committee.


In her role as Assistant Refereeing Services, Elaine Bonnici assists in the day-to-day running of the Refereeing Department.


Further appointments were approved in August 2020. Former FIFA referees Clayton Pisani (assisted by Marco Borg) and Christopher Lautier (assisted by Gaetano De Gabriele, William Debattista and Adrian Azzopardi) have been appointed Refereeing Officers.


Clayton Pisani heads the Elite & First Category Sub Committee and Christopher Lautier is responsible for the Second and Third Category and Grassroots Match Officials Sub Committee. Pisani is also responsible for the Fitness Sub Committee where he is assisted by fitness coach Ronald Zammit.


Mario Apap is the Refereeing Officer leading the Referee Observers Sub Committee where he is assisted by Charles Agius as manager.


The Futsal & Beach Soccer Match Officials & Observers Sub Committee is co-ordinated by Gjergji Bitri as Refereeing Officer (assisted by Adrian Caruana and Stephen Mallia).


The Recruitment and Retention sector is co-ordinated by William Debattista along with Esther Azzopardi and Alan Camilleri.


The Referees Committee is fully aware that our referees’ physical fitness is a top priority in today’s game. The physical progress of our match officials is constantly monitored by Ronald Zammit, who has UEFA CORE (Centre of Refereeing Excellence) Programme experience and participates in the annual RIDP (Referee Instructors Development Programme) Courses organised by UEFA to update Fitness Coaches across Europe with the latest Fitness regimes. FIFA fitness tests for all referee categories are carried out in August, November and February every season to ensure that the match officials appointed for league proper matches are fully prepared to give the best possible performances on the field of play.


Technical meetings for all categories of referees and observers are held regularly throughout the season. Such sessions also include an analysis of local match incidents which require discussion, guidance and ruling.


Since season 2011-2012, several football and futsal refereeing exchange programmes have been established between the Malta FA and the Football Associations of Albania, Andorra, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Holland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Northern Ireland, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Turkey and Wales. Apart from seminars and workshops, these exchanges made it possible for match officials to take control of international friendlies and domestic league matches.


The Referees Committee for season 2020-2021 is composed as follows:

Chairman: Alan Mario Sant
Vice-Chairman: Mario Apap

Refereeing Officers: Mario Apap, Clayton Pisani, Christopher Lautier, Gjergji Bitri, William Debattista

Secretary: Josef Mifsud

More information about refereeing may be obtained from Elaine Bonnici on [email protected]

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