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The MFA Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic


The Technical Centre of the Malta Football Association hosts one of the most established Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinics on the island. Besides catering for all the needs of the MFA National squads and a large number of member clubs, it has also served athletes from all sporting disciplines, as well as the general public, for over 25 years and persists in providing modern and updated methods of care in patient treatment.


Physiotherapy aims to restore a person’s maximum functioning which may become restricted by pain, injury or surgery. Clients undergo an individualised assessment and a specific rehabilitation plan is developed accordingly for each person, so that maximum level of function may be achieved depending upon the individual’s needs, and goals. The emphasis is on patient well-being, injury healing and prevention of re-injury.


The Centre offers the services of an experienced Sports Doctor together with a team of physiotherapists who specialise in the treatment of Sports & Occupational injuries, Post-operative rehabilitation and Prevention of injuries.


The Clinic hosts facilities for injury rehabilitation, making use of various techniques and established physiotherapeutic modalities.


Over the last few months, we have started to exclusively provide TECAR therapy to our clients. This form of therapy accelerates reduction in pain compared to other electrotherapies and also accelerates the natural healing mechanisms of the body reducing recovery time.


Tecar activates the treated area by applying a biocompatible radiant energy which increases the cellular metabolic processes. So by stimulating the innate energy within biological tissues, it activates the body’s natural repair and anti-inflammatory processes.


An integral part of care of injured athletes is the diagnostic assessment of Strength and Muscle balance. This applies particularly in the long term recovery process from major injuries or surgery.


The BIODEX system is used for strength testing, strength training, joint range of motion, and proprioceptive training.


It allows one to measure the amount of strength produced at different velocities.  It can also be used to determine the patient’s ability to perform at different speeds of movement. The system generates reports that provide quantitative information to compare current and previous test data or to compare an individual’s test data to a normative database.  The test data can then help determine whether an individual is ready for safe return to the demands of their daily activities, and can help develop the most effective rehabilitation program to meet the patient's needs.


The Clinic is open to athletes and the general public.

Opening hours: 08.00 hrs – 19.00 hrs.

For appointments: tel – 23386511.

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