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Earth's climate change is a global environmental issue. The fate of mankind in the future depends on choosing the right ways to solve it. Have you ever thought how some sports events can have an impact on the environment? They attract big audiences, that usually use private transport and also produce large amounts of waste. Sports events can also have significant impact on the type of energy use: lighting, the water used for showers and maintenance of the facilities, are just some examples.

To tackle this and contribute to reaching the Climate Change Paris Agreement, initiatives such as Sustainable Innovation in Sport emerged to bring sustainable solutions to sports events.
This UEFA endorsed initiative is dedicated to ensure a sustainable future in sport in Europe.

The Playgreen Project has the support of the Erasmus+ Programme six organisations including Malta Football Association, have created a PlayGreen Project. The coordinator of the project is the non-profit consultancy Ecoserveis who is an expert on energy and environment, as a technical partner who has experience on volunteering in sports there is ENGSO and finally four UEFA Federations lead the pilot projects Malta FA, Estonia FA, Flemish FA and the Finnish FA.

This project is about raising awareness and building capacities in environmental sustainability in sport all across Europe.
Sports events are open to the public, and the behaviour of the players and the audiences prior and during the events has an important impact on environment. The project has designed an innovative volunteering program format based on environmental protection through experience exchange between the project partners, specific trainings, and the lessons learned by testing the program in 4 countries (Malta, Estonia, Belgium and Finland).

The PlayGreen project will enhance sport associations’ mentoring capacities in green related issues.

Football and sports is essential to the “Promoting volunteering and active citizenship through sport”. In connection with this PlayGreen has 2 specific objectives:

  1. Create volunteering opportunities focused on sport and environment for young people to engage in sport, by testing and promoting a new volunteering format.
  2. Create a European network of organisations enhancing sustainability in grassroots sports through volunteering programs and sharing of good practices.

Sport has the potential to create jobs and support local economic development through the construction and maintenance of sporting facilities, the organisation of sporting events. PlayGreen will eventually impact on this by providing management skills to volunteers in organising sustainable sports events.

If you would like to become a part of Green Team and bring sustainable solutions to sports events visit

PlayGreen is about a future in which we can play and execute sport in a sustainable way with and in nature.



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