Published: 08-05-2013 15:35
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The final dayof the 2012-13 season girls’ schools football festival organised under the auspices of the MFA Technical Centre was held on the Tuesday, 7th May at the Ta Qali Training Groundswith the participation of 11schools which comprised 14teams and a total of over 130 young footballers.   Pupils from a tender age were rearing to show their skills with the ball amid fun and enjoyment. The bright weather was a bonus which added to the colourful atmosphere at the well-laid out fourpitches of the training grounds. Each team was under the guidance of the PE teacher who must have given the young footballers a good grooming in the game. In fact, the standard displayed was quite encouraging and the matches provided further evidence that many schoolgirls have football at heart and are guided along the right lines. Throughout the day one could not but observe the cheering and the joyful expressions on the girls’ faces! The young participants were also happy to receive the T-Shirts which were presented to them on such an occasion and as a memento of their participation. The MFA again expressed its satisfaction and thanked all sponsors of the festival for their material assistance, which helped to make this event a big success.  The main sponsors were TeamSport and General Soft Drinks. The schools were: SanAntonSchoolSt Martin'sCollegeSanAndreaSchoolChiswickHouseSchoolSt Francis SchoolBirkirkaraSt Joan AntideSchoolFguraGovernmentPrimary SchoolMostaGovernmentPrimarySchoolSt Catherine’sHighSchoolThereza Nuzzo SchoolConvent of the Sacred Heart School Foundation