BOV Premier League: Season 2022/23 Frequently Asked Questions

Published: 25-08-2022 16:50
BOV Premier League Final 2021/22
BOV Premier League Final 2021/22
Tista' taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti.

Now that the BOV Premier League - Season 2022/23 has started, here is some useful information on how you will be able to live the competition in person.


Match day tickets

Supporters will be able to buy tickets from the stadium ticket booths on matchday. As of this season, ticket booths are accepting card payments.

Prices for single tickets from the stadium are as follows:

Adults                  €10

Concessions*        €6  


Buy online for less

Supporters are encouraged to buy tickets online through a discounted rate. In fact, buying online will cost less:

Adults                  €8

Concessions*        €5  

Online tickets can be purchased from


Season Tickets

Following an absence throughout the pandemic, season tickets will once again be available this season and can be purchased from the respective clubs. These season ticket allows the holder to enter the stadium for club matches. 

The holder of each season ticket will be able to follow his/her club during all Premier League club matches, all FA Trophy Club Matches and also if the specific club is one of the finalists of the Super Cup. 

Season tickets can be ordered directly from BOV Premier League clubs. Although the recommended price is €160, clubs are free to set their respective season ticket price as they deem fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Will spectators be allowed to watch back-to-back matches? If you are attending the first match, you will be able to stay for the second match. With the ticket of the first match you will only be able to enter the stadium until 15 minutes after kick-off.    In that case, you will still be able to exchange your ticket with one for the second match at the ticket booth.

The earliest you can enter the stadium for the second match is after the start of the second-half of the first match.

- What time will the gates open? Gates open 45-60 minutes before kick-off

- Will the matches be televised? Two matches per match-day will be broadcast live by the Official Broadcaster, PBS on TVMNews+.

- What are concessions in ticket sales? Concessions include children under the age of 12 (from 3+), persons over 60 years of age, and blue card holders. Children under the age of 3, who will not occupy a seat, do not need a ticket to enter the Stadium.   

- Will matches be Live-Streamed? No, two (2) matches per match-day will be televised exclusively by PBS.

- What information do I need to give when buying a ticket online? To buy tickets online you need to register via You will need to provide an email address where a validation code will be sent. You will then be asked to enter your name, surname, Identity Card number, and a contact number.      

- I cannot buy tickets in the sector desired. Why? It could be that the sector is being sold by any of the respective clubs playing.

- How many tickets can I buy? You can add ‘Guests’ under your account. Your list of guests can be seen from the menu under ‘My Guests’ and you can add up to 9 guests.

- I still haven’t found an answer to my query? Please email us on Alternatively you can call on the helpline +356 2338 6251


The BOV Premier League starts on Friday, 19th August. There is a lot to look forward to!


*Concessions include children under the age of 12 (from 3+), persons over 60 years of age, and blue card holders