Intense battles and surprises define Knock Out stage MD8

Published: 25-05-2023 10:03


The Malta BOV ePremier League 2022/23 continued its thrilling journey as Match Day 8 concluded with intense battles in the Knockout Stage.

This match day showcased two gripping encounters in the Losers' Bracket and the much-anticipated final of the Winners' Bracket. The matches delivered a mix of excitement, skill, and determination, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. 

In the Losers' Bracket, Gzira United FC faced off against Birkirkara FC in a high-scoring affair that ended in a pulsating 4-4 draw.

The match showcased incredible resilience and determination from both teams. After a thrilling regular time and extra time, the match was forced into a penalty shootout to determine the winner. In the shootout, Birkirkara FC exhibited their composure and precision, ultimately emerging victorious with a 4-3 penalty score. Gzira United FC, unfortunately, faced elimination from the Knockout Stage, ending their remarkable journey in the tournament. 

In another exhilarating clash in the Losers' Bracket, Zebbug Rangers FC clashed with Santa Lucia FC. Zebbug Rangers FC displayed their attacking prowess and put on a dominant performance, securing an impressive 5-2 victory over the reigning champion LukeBartolo99.

With this commanding win, Zebbug Rangers FC advanced further in the tournament, while Santa Lucia FC's journey came to an end in the Knockout Stage.  

The eagerly anticipated Winners' Bracket Final witnessed a thrilling showdown between Mosta FC and Hamrun Spartans FC.

Both teams showcased their exceptional skills and determination throughout the match. In a tightly contested battle, Hamrun Spartans FC emerged triumphant with a hard-fought 3-1 victory over Mosta FC. This win not only secured Hamrun Spartans FC's unbeaten record but also guaranteed them a top-two finish, as they advance to the Grand Final. 

As the excitement soars, the stage is set for a new champion to be crowned in the Malta BOV ePremier League 2022/23.

With the reigning champion knocked out and the previous champions not competing in this edition, the tournament unveils an opportunity for a fresh name to etch its mark in history. 

Match Day 9 of the Malta BOV ePremier League 2022/23 will take place on Tuesday 30th May at 9:00 PM. This match day will feature three matches from the Losers' Bracket, all live on TVMsport+.

Please note that the later starting time is due to the Games of the Small States of Europe taking place on the day.